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By Jon Hjelm

Land Facts

May 6, 2009

Welcome to The ACRE Co new website.  On this site you will have access to recent land sales and other information that farm owners and land buyers will find useful.  Land buyers should find our list of Ag Lenders a great source of funds for land purchases.

We have traveled to a lot of courthouses gathering land price information and have attended may land auctions this spring.  Farmland prices have leveled and in some cases shown some improvement in the last few weeks as farmer have gotten busy planting and grain prices have increased.  Several sales have obtained prices that may have exceeded what the farm would have sold for in 2008.  Area farmers have been the main buyers looking to add to their land holdings.  Young farmer loans at 1.5% interest have been a great tool for getting a new generation of land owners started.

Keep checking out for the most current information on land prices and whats for sale.  Jon

July 24, 2009

What are farm prices doing these days?  We get asked that question many times a day.   That question and the demand for instant information is the reason we have the land auction results on our website.  If you are at a land sale and don't see us there - please call us with the results - thanks.

I have attended many sales in the last several weeks and despite the summer drop in grain prices - land sales have shown a lot of strength.  Better 80 acre tracts are in demand.  Contrary to popular thought that no farms are selling -  quite a few farms have sold recently at auction and many farms are moving privately -  either being quickly bought up by tenants or accross the fence buying by neighbors and private listings.   We are busy listing farms, and looking at farms that will be available soon.  We have many buyers looking and the list of I would trade my farm if I could find another gets longer.  Keep checking The ACRE Co website for farms available in you area.  Call us for your specific needs and we can help you find your next new farm.

December 29, 2009

What a difference a year made. The land market is VERY ACTIVE.  Amid the hangover from the financial calamity last year - farmland emerged as a great place to invest money.  Expert warnings of rising interest rates, falling crop prices, increases in production cost all roved errant.  Actually in most cases the oppposite  happened.  Recent farm buyers ask about the return on their money but larger concerns with the certainty and safety of their money trigger investing in land.

The farmland market recovered from the weakness that hit late '08, rebounding within 1-2% of last year's values according to Iowa State.  Locally we have areas where prices are above last year.  As with all markets - some land values are lagging. We have seen some exceptional buys in what we in the office call blended farms - cropland and pasture.  Overall farmland - even medium quality land has rebounded $ 500 - 800 per acre in 2009.

Now for a little bragging.  We closed 14 sales in December with 5 more sold to close afer Jan 1.

Looking to invest in land ?  We have farms for sale - 80 acres to over 300 acres.  Some outstanding investment opportunities are now available.  Contact us. 

We look forward to helping you in 2010. 

February 11, 2010

The famland market remains strong.  We sold and quickly closed several farms at the end of 2009 including the all tillable 62 acres (77.5 CSR) for $ 5250 adjoining Estherville that was listed for only a few days. 

So far in 2010 we have:


80 acres Royal     $ 6750

75 acres Royal     $ 6750

85 acres Peterson $ 6700


       Sold to Close 

160 acres W of Everly                        

80 acres  W of Spencer

82 acres  NW of Spencer

160 acres  N of Everly

 80 acres  S of Royal

 86 acres  NW of Spencer

 83 acres  NW of Spencer

Interested in owning some great farmland with high 70's CSR priced near $ 5500 per acre?  CALL US  - these farms sell fast. We have listings coming to replace these sold lisings.  Good farms are harder to find than to buy.

Last last year, these short periods of lower grain prices offer a land buying oppurtunity.  If you can find a good farm  - BUY IT.  Lets work on it.  Keep checking our website or call us. 

July 5, 2010

I have been searching for a word to describe 2010 so far.   The fact that its hard to describe speaks buckets.  Weather, politics, economy, prices....... 

On the land scene.  Few farms listed around Iowa, including NW Iowa.  We have no shortage of buyers.   Recent auctions have reflected plenty of buyers looking to purchase land.

We receive many inquiries looking to invest - from seasoned land owners to first time lookers.

So far in 2010 we have sold or closed 33 farms in Iowa and 6 in Minnesota.  We have a 160 acres in the Webb area and two new Buena Vista County farms for sale. Plus we have 6 tracts booked to auction in July and August.  Keep checking our website for availabilities.

One note - I attended The National Land Conference in Fort Worth,Texas earlier this year.  I learned two things in Texas.  Midwest farmland is the hot topic all across the country and the amount of money headed into agricultural land investments is HUGE.  Will we see these large commercial investors in Iowa.  No, but we will not be insulated from their effect.   Folks are betting land is a safe place to put money.

The disaster in the Gulf puts new light on the notion of an oil shortage.  We can't stop the oil from flowing out of the ground.

February 18, 2011

For Years I have been advertising farmland as Iowa's best investment. I am wrong. Farmland has rapidly become the best investment in the United States. 

The less than optimal weather last year and the uncertain crop prices of last summer suddenly became the post harvest land boom of late 2010. 

During a seminar we hosted several years ago Steven Hunter, of Edward Jones stated all major moves in the stock market and real estate have been unpredicated.  The big bull market move in farmland in late 2010 strongly proved his point. 

Rising farmland values can be traced to several main factors.  Strong cash grain prices, increases in farmland rents, value of the dollar, and lack of other investment opportunities.  Have you seen what the banks are offering to pay for CD's ?  We used to think a rental rate of twice a CD rate was needed to encourage land investment.  We have been able to offer clients as much as three times the CD rates and sometimes more. 

I have seen historical numbers that land has increased an average of 4.2 percent a year since the Cival War.  More recent numbers show an average increase of 14% per year the last 10 years.

My predictions - crop yields will increase over time, farmers will become more efficient, more food will be needed world wide, and feeding your people will become a major security issue.  And farmland ?  If you can find a good one ... BUY IT !